Working Papers

WP-006: Hunt Allcott and Dmitry Taubinsky, "The Lightbulb Paradox: Evidence from Two Randomized Experiments" (Revised July 2014) Abstract or Full Paper

WP-005: Severin Borenstein, "A Microeconomic Framework for Evaluating Energy Efficiency Rebound and Some Implications" (May 2013) Abstract or Full Paper

WP-004: Lucas Davis, Alan Fuchs, and Paul Gertler, “Cash for Coolers: Evaluating a Large-Scale Appliance Replacement Program in Mexico” (February 2013) Abstract, Full Paper, Policy Briefing

WP-003: Hunt Allcott and Todd Rogers, “The Short-Run and Long-Run Effects of Behavioral Interventions: Experimental Evidence from Energy Conservation” (Revised July 2013) Abstract or Full Paper

WP-002: Hunt Allcott and Nathan Wozny, “Gasoline Prices, Fuel Economy, and the Energy Paradox” (November 2012) Abstract or Full Paper

WP-001: Hunt Allcott and Michael Greenstone, "Is There an Energy Efficiency Gap?" (July 2012) Abstract, Full Paper, Policy Briefing